New York rapper Cardi B wants people to trust the process. The hip-hop superstar has reflected on the past 10 years and reminded Bardi Gang patience is the key to winning.

On New Year’s Eve, Cardi went to Instagram with pure motivation about her grind to the top of the entertainment world.

Earlier in the week, Cardi asked fans if they’re low-key and high-key ready for her sophomore album.

B’s 2018 solo album is reportedly streaming platform Spotify’s most streamed female rap album – ever.

Over the past couple of years, B has remained busy-busy with fashion ventures, new music and acting roles.

Besides winning a Grammy, she also launched a Fashion Nova collection, which sold out in a matter of minutes. The 27-year-old also made Billboard history when she became the first female rapper with two Billboard Hot 100 number hits: “I Like It” and “Bodak Yellow.” The former Love & Hip-Hop  star also made her movie debut in the flick Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu and Lili Reinhart. (Madame Noire)