Florida rapper Lil Pump really wants his eyebrows back. The hip-hop star has returned to social media donning a new, hairier look above his eyeballs.

Big Facts

Pump went to his social media pages last night with some pure comedy. LP shared a pic of himself rocking a unibrow he obviously created himself.

“I’m Anthony davis now 😂” -Lil Pump’s Instagram

Lil Pump shows off his hilarious unibrow that he created

High-Key Details

Earlier in the week, Pump shared some hilarious video content. The hip-hop star debuted his new eyebrow for the world to see, which features Smokepurpp.

Lil Pump is seen discussing his new unibrow with Smokepurpp

Wait, There’s More

Last Thursday, Pump shared an insane hairless pic. Despite having his signature dreads, LP revealed he no longer had eyebrows. He took to his Instagram Live to do the deed with a razor. Low and behold, he later shared a pic of his face without any brows.

“I’m a alien now 👽”

Lil Pump shaves eyebrows off

Before You Go

Pump recently showed off his comedic side. Outside of calling himself feminine royalty, LP said his Lil Pump 2 album is on the way.

Not so long ago, Lil Pump announced his retirement which he later did a complete U-turn on.

“Princess Pump. Lil Pump 2 OTW.”