Florida rapper Lil Pump looks like he’s going a little stir-crazy. The hip-hop star went online this week to share a jaw-dropping shot of himself with shaved eyebrows.

Big Facts

Pumper hit up Instagram Thursday with an insane hairless pic. Despite having his signature dreads, LP shows he no longer has eyebrows. He took to his Instagram Live to do the deed with a razor. Low and behold, he later shared a pic of his face without any brows.

“I’m a alien now 👽”

Lil Pump shaves eyebrows off

High-Key Details

Pump recently showed off his comedic side. Outside of calling himself feminine royalty, LP said his Lil Pump 2 album is on the way.

“Princess Pump. Lil Pump 2 OTW.”

Wait, There’s More

In mid-February 2020, Pump announced his mighty return to the music spotlight. The revelation came after he appeared to initially hint at a short-lived rap career ending.

“Now, posting to Instagram once again, Pump reveals that he isn’t in fact quitting music. “Yall thought I quit,” the post, which sees the rapper dancing to his new song ‘Contacto’, begins. “B*tch I’m back.”” – NME

Back to hairier days before Lil Pump shaves his eyebrows
Lil Pump stunts for his followers on Tik Tok

Before You Go

Days prior, Pump went to his Instagram Story and broke the retirement news to fans by revealing his decision to quit.