Florida rapper Lil Pump is taking his trolling goals to new heights. The hip-hop star went online this weekend to plug new music and crown himself a real-life princess.

Big Facts

Pump hit up Instagram and didn’t hold back on his comedic side. Outside of calling himself feminine royalty, LP said his Lil Pump 2 album is still on the way.

“Princess Pump. Lil Pump 2 OTW.”

High-Key Details

In mid-February 2020, Pump announced his mighty return to the music spotlight. The revelation came after he appeared to initially hint at a short-lived rap career ending.

Wait, There’s More

Days prior, Pump went to his Instagram Story and broke the retirement news to fans by revealing his decision to quit.

Before You Go

Recently, Pump gave fans a look at how he brought in the new year. He shared a pic of himself chilling onboard a boat with fireworks in the background.