New York rapper 50 Cent is giving his one-time Murder Inc. rival a little media coaching. The hip-hop veteran has responded to Ashanti clapping at him over some recent trolling.

Curtis Jackson hit up Instagram Friday (October 26) with some advice for how the crooner should have clapped back at him during a paparazzo run-in.

Yesterday, Ashanti struck back at Fif by calling him by his government name and labeling him a bully.

“Officer Curtis better cut it out. [laughs] I mean it’s obvious [the show was canceled because] it was a lack of promotion. The school put out a statement to clarify it was a lack of promotion and, you know, they shouldn’t have never did it. So, you know, no hard feelings. Thank-you so much – Curtis is definitely a bully.” (TMZ)

Last weekend, 50 Cent ripped Ashanti for having a concert nixed over ticket sales.

According to reports, low ticket sales forced a college concert cancellation.

The Braveheart singer was scheduled to perform at Stony Brook University for their “Back to the Brook” concert, but the show was cancelled due to “low ticket sales.” The University released a statement, saying, “As an organization, we do our best to host programs for students while providing diversity and inclusion. However, we have struggled to execute certain aspects. With only a week before the concert, only 24 tickets were sold to students.” (Bossip)