[With his “Fuk Da Fame” mixtape still buzzing, G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd talks to SOHH about the messages he puts into his music.]

I want to give people the real. I know I have a lot of bangers that people are just waiting on to see the music videos for like “Ejected” but I want to give people the songs that you’re going to listen to when you’re just chilling.

These are songs you listen to when you get home and just relax, you’re going to put on a song like “Game” or like “Fake Friends” because those are the songs that I’m giving you the message on.

I’m giving you the message in those songs.

There’s a message on each one of the songs off “Fuk Da Fame” but “Game” and “Fake Friends” were important so that’s why I wanted to get them out to you first.

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