The holiday shopping stress is almost over – almost. Let’s be honest, aren’t people a little bored with milk chocolate and flowers for Valentine’s Day? With 2020 in full swing and V-Day going down in 72 hours, SOHH’s come to the rescue with 5 reasons you should ante up this Cupid’s Day with a ZVOX Accuvoice AV200 TV speaker instead of the $300 teddy bears and bracelets.

Reason 1 – The Sound Is Amazing

The most obvious reason you should consider buying this speaker is the sound – of course. Let’s face it, most people don’t think much more than using their cable TV remote for adjusting sound. But those same people have yet to care about going from HD to 4K and 5K quality. For the folks out there ready to give their ears the same treatment as their eyes, this speaker delivers crispy clarity. Instead of emphasizing big explosions and background noise clutter, the Accuvoice puts a huge emphasis on making sure the most important part of what you’re watching – the voices – have the most clarity. Forget having to rely on closed captions, the Accuvoice accomplishes that and then some.

Reason 2 – Insanely Fast Set Up

Unless your TV is 50 feet in the air, you should need less than 5 minutes to set up your Accuvoice speaker. While other brands rely on endless cables and additional accessories, everything you need is in the box and plugs right in within seconds. The hardest part will be finding a box cutter – or your keys – to open the box. Outside of that, you’ll have your speaker plugged into your TV/monitor within minutes and enjoying crispy sound even sooner.

Reason 3 – The Price Point

The third reason you should get your hands on the speaker is because it’s under $200. As of right now – it’s on sale for $179.99 and it’s a steal of a price if you’re scrambling to find a great gift for her or him this V-Day. If you’re especially on a tight budget these days and are looking for a reason to tell bae you both should rely on Netflix and chill or non-stop binge-watching instead of Nobu and money-grabbing date nights in town, the Accuvoice will save the day. Once you’ve experienced the clarity and sound coming through the speaker, bae will have a full list of must-watch shows and movies to stay inside and watch together.

Reason 4 – Surround Sound Options

The fourth reason is because of all the voice options available. While you can’t go wrong with the default setting, there are three key options allowing the voices on-screen to sound closer and louder. But easily the best feature is using the Surround Sound button on the remote and getting to really hear the voices clear. If you’re a gamer, you’ll really, really, really love sound-heavy titles like Call of Duty. The worst part is trying to hear the dialogue in certain titles with all of the outside noise but the Accuvoice even has those gaming goals secured – even better is the speaker really picking up on the gunshots and attacks while also making sure you can hear what commands are coming from other plays. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has never sounded better.

Reason 5 – Perfect For All Ages

Let’s not lie – this speaker is absolutely geared toward the older generations – notably parents and their parents – but if you’re looking for a solid speaker and really appreciate dialogue in your shows and movies, this is your new go-to. Try watching a throwback show like “24” or “Power” and you’ll pick up on the breathing, the screams and everything in-between with insane clarity. There will be moments where you feel like the on-screen characters are literally in the same room with you. Even better is if you have your TV mounted on the wall, you don’t have to worry about missing out on sound – find a sturdy place below the TV and have the sound equally fill up your room. 

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