City Girls’ Yung Miami isn’t keeping her lips sealed. The hip-hop star has stepped up to air out her issues with people not taking the Black Lives Matter movement seriously and sticking together. #BlackoutTuesday

Yung Miami aired out frustrations in her Blackout Tuesday post. Look and comment below!

“Ppl laughing and taking this sh*t as a joke! Ppl so out of touch that it’s sad they don’t even give af about they own and always making excuses or trying to justify it. Ppl have a problem with ppl looting stores that don’t even want our money fr and follow us around the store as soon as we walk in and think you doing fraud when you paying with your credit card! STFU ITS BLACK LIVES!! That’s one of the biggest problems with black ppl we don’t know how to stick together as a whole it’s always somebody that’s gone say or do some dumb sh*t! This my last post I’m done!” -Yung Miami’s Instagram

Yung Miami’s speaks on Blackout Tuesday