Written by Thomas A. Harden

Yung Berg is no rookie. Within a years time the Chicago rapper has scored two straight top 10 singles on Billboard Hot 100. Now, off the heels of his successful Almost Famous EP, Berg is ready to build on his success with the release of his debut studio album, Look What You Made Me. SOHH caught up with the young boss as he lays out his plans for a corporate takeover and reveals 50 Cent’s words of wisdom.

"[50 Cent] gave me the best advice," Yung Berg said. "He told me to stay consistent and as long as I continue to be able to put out hit records, n*ggas ain’t going to be able to tell me sh*t."

His first major hit came from his debut EP in 2007, which was released without his blessings.

"The EP is crazy because I really didn’t agree to doing an EP, I have my own label deal and I signed up to do an album deal," says the 22 year-old. "But I guess ‘Sexy Lady’ was so successful on the charts that we had to put something out there for the consumer to have."

"We did a 100,000 EP’s, sold a million downloads for ‘Sexy Lady’ so I guess it showed me what I needed to do to sell a product," Berg continued, "It just set me up and [showed me] how I needed to be on the road, what it was going to be, how my body was going to feel, because I don’t even have a free day on my schedule at all for the next two months."

His debut album Look What You Made Me, is slated for release this August and features appearances by Eve, Twista, Trey Songz, Amerie and Collie Buddz. At the same time , Berg is readying the 2009 release of his first artist, the young R&B songbird Casha.

"Like I said, I don’t know too many artists doing it like how I’m doing it right now," he said. "I’m 22 years-old, got my own label, there’s a million women screaming when I show up to perform. I’ve been mad successful and blessed, so I’m continue to strive and get better and continue to do what I’m doing right now."