Yung Berg Books Ticket For Diddy’s “Last Train To Paris”

Written By S. Samuel

Rapper Yung Berg has revealed his involvement in the production of Diddy's upcoming Last Train to Paris album which is set to drop this fall.

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Speaking on Playboy Playmate Club Radio last week, Berg said he has helped on the album’s production side with hitmaker Rob Holladay.

“Well right now, man, I’ve been producing a lot of things with my brother Rob,” Berg revealed in his interview with Playboy Radio. “We working man, we got a lot of things out. We got Rich Boy‘s new single out, ‘Stand On The Couth,’ We got that popping and then we got my new single which is ‘Sex & The City’ and it’s coming out right now…4th of July weekend, we’re actually going to Atlantic City, Puff, Dirty Money, yeah so if you’re in Atlantic City and you’re listening right now, please show some love to the big homie Puff, we’ll be in the building holding it down, you know…We got a lot of things coming, like I said, Last Train to Paris, Rob produced a lot on it and I helped him out with a few things on that, we got Rich Boy’s new single, ‘Standing On The Couch,’ featuring Polow, we’re working on Cassie‘s new project, Roscoe Dash, we did a record for Lloyd, we just working right now.” (Playboy Playmate Club Radio)

Rob also discussed how important Berg is alongside him producing.

“Most importantly, my main concern right now is Puff’s album, The Last Train to Paris so me and him have been doing a lot of work on that and in addition to that, I get to do a lot of work for my little sister Cassie,” Rob added. “[Berg] helps me out with everything I do. So he’s not just an artist, he’s a producer too and he compliments everything I do.” (Playboy Playmate Club Radio)

Details on Berg’s Playboy interview were revealed last week by hip-hop blogger Gyant.

Chicago rapper Yung Berg, who’s been the hip-hop punching bag over the years, appears to be having the last laugh these days with some uber successful moves he makes making behind the scenes. Not only is he making moves that’s garnering national, and more mainstream exposure, but he’s also getting his footing back in the eyes of the public, and with his music career. Berg and budding super-producer Rob Holladay confirm their rumored six placements on Diddy’s upcoming Dirty Money project and much more. Of course we got that exclusive audio coming to us shortly, but until then check the pics. (Gyant Unplugged)

Initially slated to drop this summer, Diddy’s new album is scheduled to hit stores in the fall.

‘Hello Good Morning’ couldn’t help either. Diddy announed on Scott Mills BBC show that the album will now arrive on September 20th. If you remember, the album was originally planned to release last September. (Hip Hop N More)

Check out some past Yung Berg footage below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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