Yukmouth’s Top 5 Murder Master Music Show Moments: “Big Syke Was 2Pac’s Right Hand” [Audio]

Written By Scott Bejda

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[Yukmouth has always been a lyrical beast and he proves that once again with his dope new album JJ Based on A Ville Story. He was recently on the Murder Master Music Show and as always Yuk gave us a dope interview. We got to chop it up about his peers, remember some fallen soldiers from the rap game, and reflect on the success of the classic Luniz times “I Got 5 On It.” Check out some of the best moments below.]

1. Remembering Oakland Legend Seagram

Seagram was an artist from Oakland, California and he is known for his rap called The Ville and all types of stuff. At the end of the day he was a legend in Oakland. He was a dude I looked up to as a youngster because even before he was signed to Rap-A-Lot he was doing gong shows, TV, and PSA commercials on national television telling people to quit cigarettes or go back to school. He was that figure all my life as far as an Oakland rapper besides Too $hort. He was a legend and he came from my neighborhood and he was definitely with the sh*t! He was definitely from the streets! The street life caught up with him and he ended up getting killed at the height of his rap career.

2. The Success Of Tech N9ne

He was always a good buddy and I met him at QDIII’s house when we were working on the 2nd Luniz album. I was just amazed by him and was like “Yo, we gotta have him on the album!” At that time the sh*t was unheard of! I’m just proud of that dude! I recognized the talent straight from the gate. It took a lot of grinding for that dude to get to where is at. He done worked his a** off! There is 365 days and he does at least 265 shows a year! He is a workaholic, he stays in the studio! I salute that dude!

3. The Loss Of Big Syke

Rest in peace Big Syke first and foremost! That was my OG so when I heard he passed I was devastated! Just like when Jacka and Mac Dre passed, real homies! You could have associates and affiliates that you know in the industry, but you have homeboys that you really tap in with. Big Syke was one of my real homies that I f*ck with. We would have conversations not about trying to get a verse or in the studio just real conversations. We lost a great one! That was 2Pac’s right hand. You heard him on All Eyez On Me! We lost a great one Big Syke the Don!

4. The Success Of The Luniz Callsic Weed Anthem “I Got 5 On It”

Tone Capone is an incredible producer and that was our first underground producer we started working with. We actually brought “5 On It” to him. We brought the album to him at the studio and I said I want this redone. Num came up with the idea to do “5 On It” so let’s not leave him out. We toured the planet off of that! That’s a classic it still gets played 25 years later to this day! If you been watching the NFL or the NBA they play our sh*t all the time. It don’t matter if it’s a Raiders game of a Golden State game beyond that they are playing it everywhere.

Operation Stackola 2:

We are about to work on this Operation Stackola 2 and give’em that real Luniz. We are back in the lab working on it now and it should be dropping soon.

5. Yukmouth On Not Being Recognized For His Lyrical Ability

My real fans know what I do and that’s why they f*ck with me because I am a lyricist and I do got good content and I do stay consistent and I do stay in their face. I just looked at my discography and I dropped 42 albums, it will be 43 with JJ. That is all my compilations, all my group albums, collaborations, Luniz, side projects, and everything all together. That’s a lot of consistency! But that ain’t even including the soundtracks or the features I did. At the end of the day I don’t really give a f*ck what the mainstream side of the industry says about me because I been on Virgin Records because of my skills, I been on Rap-A-Lot because of my skills, I had my first record deal with Geffen because of my skills. I know what I do, the world know what I do! It’s the big dogs that try to hide what I do because they steal from me.

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Written by Scott Bejda


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