Rap star Young Thug‘s former manager is pretty much swimming in money these days and it’s all thanks to a lawsuit victory against Thugger’s financial team. New reports claim hip-hop manager Manny Halley will receive a 7-figure payout from David Weise & Associates in a defamation case.

According to reports, the nasty legal battle has ended with the huge check.

TMZ broke the story … Halley sued YT’s former finance guys, claiming David Weise & Associates sent an email alleging he racked up more than $200k in unauthorized charges. Manny, who had said the charges were for YT’s private jets for his concert tour, said the company was out to get him after he tried getting the company fired for bungling YT’s financial affairs. But all seems to be water under the bridge and they agree there was no criminal conduct. They chalked it up to a simple misunderstanding. Case closed. (TMZ)

Last week, Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert released their “Up” video.

A few days ago, Thugger tossed up an epic clip of Uzi Vert flexing his shooting range skills.

Not bad kid …..

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In May, Uzi revealed he had a grip of songs on deck with Thugger.

“Me and Young Thug have like 1,500 songs. 1,500. When do you want them to come out? I think they can come out soon. Some time this year.”