Atlanta rapper Young Thug really is a savage. The hip-hop artist has come forward to address headlines generating about an arrest warrant out for him over a tinted window.

A new clip is currently circulating online with Thugger referencing the warrant with some explicit humor.

Hours prior, reports surfaced about Atlanta law enforcement going after him for a courtroom no-show in a tinted window case.

YT was supposed to be in an Atlanta court Thursday, but was a no-show … so the judge issued a warrant for his arrest. If you recall, Thug was picked up by the cops shortly before Christmas while shopping at an ATL mall. A cop spotted the rapper and remembered he had missed court. So much for learning his lesson. (TMZ)

Back in December, buzz developed about Thugger owing nearly $20,000 in unpaid limousine service.

Hollywood Stars Limousine just filed suit against the Atlanta rapper for allegedly skipping out on a fat bill for rides they say they gave him … to the tune of $18,676. In the docs — obtained by TMZ — Hollywood Stars claims they drove Young Thug and some of his guests around for a total of 11 times this year — with 10 of those happening in June. The company says they gave Thug plenty of time to pay, but claims he told ’em to kick rocks. Now, Hollywood Stars wants a judge to make him pay back their dough in full. (TMZ)

A week prior, Thugger bounced back after allegedly getting arrested at an ATL mall.