Rich Gang’s Young Thug has updated fans on his feelings toward perceived hip-hop rival Lil Wayne and nixed the idea of hating his music idol.

According to Thugger, he has no ill will toward Weezy F. Baby or connection to the rap star’s publicized spring tour bus shooting.

“I got millions to get, I’m not running around shooting no d*mn bus. … I’m not just being lame or trying to do something smooth. I told the whole world you my idol, and whenever you stop I’m gonna keep going. … Both of us grew up the same thing, the same gang man — Y.M.C.M.B. Why should you ever in your life even feel like we against each other?” (New York Times)

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Last spring, Thug revealed plans to use Wayne’s delayed Carter V album title for one of his own projects.

“I’ma drop one more mixtape before my album. The album is called High Tunes. I’ma drop one more mixtape. I’ll probably name it Tha Carter V ’cause the original Carter V still ain’t came out yet, I don’t know what the f–k they doing, they slowcoaching. So I’ma put that muthafucka out for ’em. That’s how it’s going down. High Tunes.” (NDO Radio)

Earlier this year, Wayne’s daughter blasted Thugger on Twitter for naming his album after her dad’s popular Carter series.

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According to reports, fans booed Young Thug during a concert last spring in support of Lil Wayne.

While on stage in at the Southern University in Baton Rouge, Thugger was met with boos and “Hollygrove” chants from the crowd. Pointing to a few hecklers, the rapper attempted to take it all in stride, replying “I still love you.” But the booing did not dissolve after his statement. (VIBE)

Boos for #YoungThug in #BatonRouge #video #pressplay

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