Atlanta rapper Young Thug is taking time to stretch and flex his wealth. Amidst the fight for equality, the hip-hop superstar has lit up social media to pause and show off his riches with protégé Gunna.

Thug x Gunna

Young Thug went to his social media pages this week to share a huge sneak peek into his car lineup. Young also featured Gunna in the footage and told people to realize they’re stacking up big racks.

“I know we protesting right now and everything we doing for the black community right now, but I just wanna let these n*ggas know we getting money for real. We getting money. Pink slips, just by the way we let you know slips are not pink, they brown and white like the old food stamps n*gga. Slatt business. These lineups is crazy.” -Young Thug Instagram

Young Thug’s car lineup

High-Key Details

The Rich Gang member is making the entire world want to be his friend these days. The hip-hop heavyweight recently came through in a big way for his protégé Gunna with an insane birthday present. On Tuesday, Gun went to IG to show off Thugger’s jaw-dropping Rolls Royce birthday present.

“That Big Body rolls comin !!! @thuggerthugger1 thank you twin 🥶💙 #BIG” -Gunna’s Instagram

Gunna thanks Young Thug for the present for his birthday

Wait, There’s More

Over the past few days, Gunna has embraced his birthday. The hip-hop heavyweight shared a bunch of posts acknowledging his born day.

Before You Go

Last week, footage surfaced of Thug acknowledging his protégé getting caught in a music video shooting. However, YT said people shouldn’t worry since his team is responsible for it.

“Anytime you see like shootouts and shootings or anything we’re involved in, know we the ones that did it.” -Young Thug’s Instagram