Atlanta rapper Young Thug is keeping the attention on him amid a growing sex scandal. The hip-hop stud has hit up social media to seemingly fuel gossip blogs.

Thugger went to Instagram and Twitter Tuesday (October 3) with a reference to cheating.

Earlier in the evening, details surfaced on the woman allegedly connected to Thug.

(SWIPE) Y'all it didn't take long for us to get the alleged scoop on the girl who betrayed her close friend Jerrika Karlae For The D! Young Thug had alleged relationships with at least 3-4 different women but this chick hit close to home. #ForTheDChallenge. Once those pics went up we knew it was only a matter of time before people close to the couple started spilling tea about (allegedly) who she was and how this whole thing went down. Gather around the tea kettle roommates because this is a story about betrayal, jealousy, love, and fake friendship. ___________________________ The girl who (allegedly), boo we are finta wear Tha HELL out that word in this article 💅🏾, slept with Young Thug (Jerrika Karlae's Fiancé at the time) was a good Judy (friend) to her at the time. This girl used to come over their house daily and kick it with the couple pretending everything was platonic and copacetic. _____________________________ Here is where things get real shady. The girl supposedly manages one of Young Thug's artists on his label as well!!! Sources say she used to coordinate with Young Thug to see when Jerrika was leaving the house…AND SHE WOULD SNEAK IN once she was gone and have relations with Young Thug! _______________________________ Allegedly, some people on Young Thug's team even knew about this and aided and abetted in this little scandal. In fact, they say about two months ago the girl had just finished doing whatever she was doing with Young Thug when Jerrika Karlae ended up coming home early—Read the rest at TheShadeRoom.com

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Earlier in the day, Thug’s girlfriend Jerrika Karlae and musician Amy Luciana spoke up after trading jabs with one another.

Early Tuesday, Amy clapped at Jerrika for exposing her face.