Young Money rapper Chanel West Coast reportedly can breathe a sigh of relief in her publicized club assault case.

According to reports, Chanel does not have to worry about any criminal charges.

Young Money rapper Chanel West Coast won’t be charged with assaulting and battering a security guard in a drunken stupor, despite the fact that most of it is right there for all to see on video. After failed negotiations, she was cuffed and arrested. But the forgiving guard has decided to let bygones be bygones, so charges will not be filed. (TMZ)

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Chanel released a lengthy Instagram post earlier this summer to downplay all of the negative attention shot her way.

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The music diva’s fists ultimately put her in handcuffs.

Law enforcement tells us Chanel, who also appeared on Rob Dyrdek’s “Fantasy Factory,” got into a fight with a girl inside the club. She was promptly booted but when she got outside she started fighting security. Someone involved made a citizen’s arrest and she was held until L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies came, cuffed her and took her in for battery. (TMZ)

Chanel appeared to address the arrest reports on Instagram in early August.

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