“Packs Off” (shot by @FrskPurple of CulturedApproved.com) is a glimpse into the day and life of Young MiLLs. Where many artist walk a thin line between wats reality in their music and wat isn’t, Young MiLLs is bringing you nothing but the TRUTH.

“Minus the confession HE’S the new ‘Guy Phillipe’.” Guy Phillip was a Haitian Drug Lord who was importing and exporting coke and in turn using the funds to give to guerilla warfare soldiers who opposed the Haitian government.

He then ran for a political position where they let him win arrested him and then expedited him to the US. Young Mills says, “You know wat it is…’Packs Off’ I’m dumping them packs off for the Jordan($23)! How much I get em for it’s not important!”