New York rapper Young M.A is feeling the love. The hip-hop star has reacted to one diehard fan going all-out with a detailed tribute tattoo.

Big Facts

On Monday, M.A went to Instagram to share a must-see ink job. In the pic, M.A’s fan’s lower leg resembles the Brooklyn native.

“MAB sh*t! Family for life. Can’t wait to see y’all on tour! Link in bio for tickets! I wanna see all this love at the meet and greet! By the way, 75 percent of the meet n greets are sold out!”

High-Key Details

Recently, M.A packed her bags for an overseas trip. M.A showed off her own ink in a Dubai Desert Instagram pic.

Wait, There’s More

The New York rap star recently broke into the adult industry. M.A went online to announce a signature toy line.

Before You Go

On Valentine’s Day, the Brooklyn rapper dropped her “She Like I’m Like” music video. The tatted rap star plugged her new adult toy at the end of the visual.