New York rapper Young M.A is out here living her life to the fullest. The hip-hop newcomer has social media’s attention after blessing the Internet with an epic two-step clip.

Last night, the Brooklyn native hit up her Instagram page to share a couple clips of herself dancing and send a playful warning shot to Casanova 2x.

Good vibes 🕺🏽😂 #2step

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A few weeks ago, M.A publicly reached out to singer Jhené Aiko about possibly working together on fresh tunes.

“Yo Jhené Aiko, I made my team reach out to you. I wanna work with you. I’m saying, I never do sh*t like this. I love your sound. I love your vibe. I love your swag. I wanna work with you. I got this record and I can just hear you on it, man. By the way, I love this song too. Word up. So, let’s get it.”

Recently, the Brooklyn native came clean on switching up her eating habits.

To all my supporters that keep saying I lost weight.. yes it was on purpose lol I’ve stop eating meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb…) I cut my liquor intake into “occasionally only” lol.. I’ve been in the gym consistently… and I’ve been watching my calorie intake.. it was discipline for me of course. In 2 months I’ve dropped 20 pounds.. Always wanted to change my diet but wasn’t mentally ready for it at first.. Honestly since I’ve changed my diet I’ve been less exhausted.. I wake up with full energy.. and also mentally I feel good… I just want to say to all my supporters if you are not happy with anything in your life you have the power to change it! Only you! I love you all! God bless! More music on the way btw! Let’s get it! 😤💪🏽 #2018 #YoungMA #🔴Lyfe

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Last summer, Young M.A. linked up with mega producer London On Da Track.