New York rapper Young M.A is pushing for the entire world to realize black lives matter. The hip-hop star went online this weekend to share heartfelt moments from a protest honoring the lives of slain police brutality victims George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Young x Protests

Young M.A went to her Instagram page last night and unloaded a ton of must-see moments from the protests. One post shows her trying and getting a cop to put his fist into the air during a Black Lives Matter march.

#BLACKLIVESMATTER ! If you ain’t with us you against us!!!” -Young M.A’s Instagram
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Young M.A protests in Brooklyn
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Picture speak for itself

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High-Key Details

Recently, Young M.A made headlines after coming to a woman’s defense after getting approached by cops. Footage went viral of the Brooklyn native helping the unnamed lady get out of the sticky situation.

Wait, There’s More

Young M.A wants fans to know they can achieve anything they believe in. The hip-hop entertainer recently went online to toot her own horn after dropping a new Red Flu EP.

“No features, no label, independent, signed to myself. That’s what we do. Success! Let’s get it. Go get that EP.”

The Young M.A EP shows us what independent artists can do

Before You Go

The week prior, Young hit up Instagram with a slideshow of pics. The shots featured Young M.A modeling a few pieces from the men’s Fashion Nova brand.

“It is what it is 🤷🏽‍♂️ @fashionnovamen” -Young M.A’s Instagram

Young M.A models Fashion Nova menswear