New York rapper Young Lito‘s not here for Troy Ave‘s trolling. The hip-hop artist has responded to shade thrown his way from his estranged pal.

Lito went to Twitter Wednesday (May 17) to fire back at NuPac.

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Earlier in the week, Ave exposed Lito with footage of him leaving his near-fatal May 2016 New York concert shooting.

we really got betrayed and backstabbed by people we showed nothing but genuine love to. I need all y'all to pay close attention to ya circle cause I don't want this to happen to y'all on No Level! this $hit is shameful! Fake friends was jus pretend! same ones who post #RipBanga wouldn't even help him when he needed them most #hovain aka #HovRan & #YoungLeaveTheBro are conniving, Liars, Cowards, Snakes & Fruads but they hid it well, I saw glimpses of who they really were but chose to ignore it cause my loyalty was limitless! They want some people to believe that I switched up and started acting funny style with them, they want others to believe that we all good and it's okay to do business with them in my name, but neither one is the case. Jus imagine I was dead?! Nobody would ever know the truth and they would go thru life with fake RIP's and using my name for sympathy & financial gain … nah that ain't GODS plan! I'm moving righteous and my heart pure so anybody who go against me will never prosper, cause who GOD bless no man can curse! #RealEyesRealizeRealLies #TheyLoyaltyHadLegsImLikeDamnWhereItWent song: 🎶#NeverSwitch (cause it's so fitting) this might be the last time I speak bout this shit, back to this real music

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In late April, Troy also went to IG with security footage from the attack.


They try to twist stories in they favor and spread lies and propaganda to turn the people against me I stayed quiet and said nothing, I went thru my Pain by myself! They kicked me while I was down and put blades in my back but the real always rise, my heart 2 good and that's why GOD got me & whoever go against me is doing Devil work and won't prosper! Hate and lies don't work because since nobody built me up can't nobody tear me down #FACTo #YoungLeaveTheBro said "how we left u when we drove u to the hospital" truth is they rode in my own fukin car to the hospital after meeting me 4blocks away I coulda been fukin dead. U clearly see other people going back to help they people , even women standing up tall. Oh and #HovRan got all kind of stories, he wasn't there, he got trampled, he was pushed out, he never made it to the top floor! All Lies these niggaz #OwedMeMoreThanThat #MoreImportantly #NuPAC & #DopeBoyTroy out now [💽Link in Bio] #NeverSwitch #TheyLoyaltyHadLegsImLikeDamnWhereItWent

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Days prior, Young Lito stepped up and defended his image amid Ave’s accusations of ditching him.