MTV Jams‘ popular hip-hop trivia show “hoodFAB” is set to heat things up in the South as the new season prepares to tests the wits of Atlanta’s hip-hop heads.

Centered on placing local residents against some of rap’s biggest superstars, the show’s host Buttahman travels throughout the country challenging the knowledge of both contestants. But don’t expect any large cash prizes, as winners usually go home with a pack of tube socks.

“We call it ‘The Brokest Game Show in America’ [because] it’s done for fun, humor and good times,” Buttahman told SOHH.

While previous seasons have featured the comedic host in popular cities like New York and Los Angeles, this time around Buttahman is taking the show to Atlanta – from Bankhead to the 4th Ward. On the season’s premiere, which debuted on Tuesday (September 23), Buttahman went to the Bowen Homes, pitting local rapper Shawty Lo against a fellow resident.

“It’s one location that we used for the season,” Butta explained. “With ‘hoodFAB’ we try to go to the areas where the artists are from. We also want to bring MTV Jams to places where people would not expect us to go. We went to 4th Ward with [Young] Jeezy, the Westside with the Ying Yang Twins.”

Other stars you can expect to see on this season include Big Boi from OutKast, DJ Unk and DTP’s Chingy.

Fans can catch “hoofFab” airing on MTV Jams‘ “Sucker Free” during the week of October 6th.

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