Memphis rapper Young Dolph is doing big things. The hip-hop star has teased fans about landing a new record deal.

Dolph went to Instagram Monday (April 3) to hint at his new label status.

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YD made headlines a few weeks ago after announcing plans to release a new album called Bulletproof.

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Earlier the same week, YD talked about dodging death and surviving a recent North Carolina shooting.

“Whatever was going on, they couldn’t do it. They couldn’t. [laughs] Womp. Womp. Womp. Womp. Womp. [laughs] In Memphis, it’s a thing called people tricking people off the streets. That’s what we call that right there. You get people unfocused on what they’re doing. That’s all that is. Dolph’s done built himself up and built himself into becoming a superstar and they wanna throw Dolph off right quick, he’s doing too much. Come on, nah, the city, they mention Memphis, Dolph, nah, they can’t, he’s doing too much. Don’t get mad at me when I’m doing my thing and it’s like straight authentic. It’s just straight all real.” (TMZ)

In February, details surfaced about gunfire erupting in North Carolina.

Rapper Young Dolph was involved in a shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday night, when someone opened fire on his SUV. The rapper was in town for CIAA and, according to witnesses, someone hit Dolph’s truck head-on and fired more than 100 shots point blank. Thankfully, Dolph’s truck was allegedly bulletproof, and he escaped the gruesome attack unharmed. (BET)