With MTV’s Hottest MC of 2011 pick set to be revealed in 4 days, SOHH caught up with a few rhymers to get their opinion on which of their peers held it down last year.

Past MC’s named in MTV’s list include: Eminem, Ludacris and Lil Wayne. Recent Bad Boy signee Los gave his thoughts on 2011’s top spitter, explaining why Meek Mill deserves the title.

“Yo honestly I feel like Meek got that. I feel like he got it because he got the perfect situation, he dropped a couple hits, you know? He got this style that people are just in love with right now. I don’t know man, he’s just a super talented guy and he’s bringing something to the table that’s believable. That’s his biggest asset: When you hear him say what he says, you just believe it. That’s what people want, people want something they feel is real. From a street perspective, people are just in love with what he brings. He’s definitely one of my favorite artists.”(SOHH)

West Coast rhymer Schoolboy Q took the time to weigh in on his pick of hottest MC from the previous year.

Kendrick Lamar and I’d [also] have to say Rick Ross. His presence was huge and it’s almost like he built an empire, dropped an album and put his team on, all in a year. Wale dropped his album with Maybach and did some good numbers, man. Then of course, you got Meek Mill up next.”(SOHH)

Earlier this week, Young Chris told SOHH why he believed Meek Mill has become a hot commodity in the world of hip-hop.

“Shoutout to my boy Meek though. I feel like Meek been grinding for a minute. Being back home in Philly, we got to see his movement grow from a seed to a plant. The rest of the world caught of fast because it was a quick movement once he got with MMG, sorta like when we came in with Roc-A-Fella when already poppin’. The groundwork was already there but he been puttin’ in work for a minute.”(SOHH)

Chris went on to add that he had admiration for newer artists including Mac Miller and A$AP Rocky.

“I think Meek definitely deserves to be mentioned in that list … Mac Miller too, who else … there’s a few guys doing there thing right now, man. I ain’t here too much from Kendrick [Lamar], but I heard his stuff was pretty dope. Shotout to A$AP Rocky I just performed with him the other night in Philly and him and his whole camp got alotta energy. I love they’re movement. (SOHH)

Check out a clip from MTV’s Hottest MC of 2011: