State Property’s Beanie Sigel recently discussed his crew venturing out with their solo careers and why Young Chris is set to take the rap game by storm.

Co-signing Chris’ move to hitmaker Rico Love‘s Division 1 label, Beans said he embraced the rapper’s solo ambition.

As Sigel sees it, State Property would function as a collective, with each individual act pulling double duty as solo artists. To make his point, Beanie singled out Young Chris, who recently signed a deal with producer/songwriter Rico Love’s Division 1 label. “Everybody can do their own individual thing that they doing. Like Chris doing his thing with Division 1, he got a lot of good music that’s about to come through. We make beautiful music together, all of us State Property,” Beans added. “We can stay out on our own and we can do us.” (MTV)

Last December, Chris reflected on his decision to sign with Love and denied feeling any doubt before inking the deal.

“Nah, actually I wasn’t,” Chris said in an interview when asked if he was hesitant signing a deal with hitmaker Rico Love. “I thought it would be a good marriage from the gate because [of] how creative he is. Us together, like our chemistry, we bonded right away. I was excited about it. I wasn’t hesitant at all — He’s only one year older than me, so, we can hang out together, [go to the] strip club, do whatever we do. The records come out even better when the relationship is like that. That’s the only thing I was hesitant about, I gotta know him first. It was cool. It’s like my brother man. He definitely [taught] me things that he learned on the songwriting side of things or whatever. When it’s time to get melodic on records. He’s real good at that. That’s what he do. Even if you don’t teach it, you just learn. I’m a good learner from observing. I just sit back, watch and observe from the studio.” (You Heard That New)

Rico Love announced his partnership with Chris in a video last October.

“What up, it’s Rico Love, Mr. Turn The Lights On, we here, Young Chris photo shoot,” Love said in a video. “We wanted to make this formal announcement announcing that Division 1 has done a joint venture, label deal, with Universal Motown and the first act off the label is going to be Young Chris aka Chris Ries. I’m happy that we finally closed the situation. I’m a big fan of Chris, for years, and I’m going to tell a quick story. My first time meeting Jay-Z, I was performing with Usher on The Truth Tour, 2004, and the first thing I said to Jay when I met him backstage was, ‘I love Young Chris. I’m a fan of Young Chris.’ And he said, ‘Yo, that’s my little man. He’s got a bright future.’ … Now it’s Young Chris aka Christopher Ries, the re-introduction, coming soon. This is only the beginning…” (Official Division 1)

Chris recently talked to SOHH and dismantled rumors of a Young Gunz feud.

“I ain’t gonna lie, I was on the block with Neef a few days ago,” Chris recently told SOHH. “We were just chilling. That’s what we do, man. We didn’t come into this rap game together, we came from the streets together so when [the media] talks ‘Young Gunz not together,’ that’s nonsense. That’s the most bullsh*t I’ve heard. That’s my brother, man. Like for real. That’s my brother. That’s my family. That ain’t going nowhere. Everybody’s had their little problems with the music sh*t or whatever, but as far as coming from the streets — that’s family. Ain’t no blood getting spilled. That ain’t never gonna happen.” (SOHH)

Check out a recent Young Chris interview below: