Former Roc-A-Fella Records artist Young Chris has finally put an end to the debate on whether or not mentor Jay Z stole his flow over the past few years.

Chris said spending ample studio time with Jay during their Roc days likely influenced his sound.

“It’s a blessing being mentioned in the same breath as Jay. Let’s start there. I ain’t going to take none of this for granted or be big-headed. Steel sharpens steel. We all in the studio, things rub off on each other, that’s just how it happened. I might have learned things from him, he might have learned things from me. You’re never too young. I got younger guys that I still learn from til this day, you know?” (Complex)

Back in 2010, Chris claimed he experienced a family-like bond amongst his Roc brothers during their prime.

“It’s family, we all in the family,” he explained in an interview. “We work off each other’s vibes. That’s how some of our best, best records came out. You gotta think when we was in the studio at the time it’s pressure. Everybody that’s in there gets busy, from me to Peedi to muthaf*ckin’ Beans to Jay, Freeway, and it was like really a lyrical war in there. So when I say steel sharpens steel, I just mean we all fed off each other…Everybody got their own opinions and all that sh*t…You know I can’t get around it evidently right. I just tell people, quality and quantity, as long as I keep delivering, I’ma get past the comparisons. I think I’ll be alright out here.” (XXL Mag)

Ex-Roc rapper Peedi Crakk previously accused Jay of stealing Chris’ flow.

“I want to clarify that [Jay] doesn’t steal anyone’s songs,” he said, “He steals swag, ideas, concepts–whatever you want to call it…Jay doesn’t just straight-up jack you for a song. He’s just smooth with it. You ever listen to Young Chris rap and then go back and listen to Jay? You almost start to scratch your head. The old Jay-Z never rapped like that. That’s Young Gunners flow to the tee. There are actually people that don’t know that that [the whisper rap] was [Chris’] flow. I don’t understand why Jay don’t just say that he got the swag from the young bull…Jay has no swag of his own. He has no natural cool n*gga style. But at the end of the day he has his own path to craft just like we all do and I’m all about making sure my path is full of positivity and creativity.” (XXL Mag)

In the past, the Philadelphia native said Hov suggested he take a solo route for his career.

“It’s Now Or Never man, that’s the title of my new album,” Chris revealed in an interview. “One half of the Young Gunz, Young C. Nah, [Neef] ain’t quit, he ain’t quit, never that. Hov came to me with the idea, when we were working on Brothers From Another. He said after this one, do your solo joint so after we finishedBrothers From Another, I’ve basically been working on it.” (Choke No Joke)

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