Southern rapper Young Buck looks far from worried about his G-Unit feud. The hip-hop veteran has updated fans on his state of mind since dropping a hard-hitting 50 Cent diss record.

This weekend, Buck Marley went to Instagram to show fans he’s all smiles despite firing shots at his estranged boss.

On Friday, Buck Marley made jaws drop by going in-in on the Unit leader with his “Foofy” battle record.

“I can’t believe this sh*t. How dare you n*ggas! Okay,” Buck says before unloaded his disses. “Banks gone, ain’t nobody there to settle it now. Other n*ggas need verses from whoever around. Foofy, this Instagram sh*t done got goofy. Let’s focus on that $2 million, that n*gga robbed you. Let’s talk about those b*tches you burnt. Those h*es charged you. What I learned was, how not to be a father. Apologizing to my sons and my daughters. Forgive me for the pain that I caused them.” (“Foofy”)

Buck took things a little more serious by suggesting 50 – presumably – encouraged rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine to snitch in his federal drug trafficking case.

“I wrote ‘Too Rich’ for you, and this the thanks I get? You taught that young boy to snitch, n*gga, you think you slick? Gas him up on the ‘gram just to make you lit. To get you out the jam, you’re gonna need more than a skit. More than a post, you know how I get. You know I’m a f*cking ghost. Power.” (“Foofy”)

This week, Fif hit up Instagram to share a cringe clip of someone pounding Buck about his alleged connection to a transexual woman.