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Young Buck Turns Down G-Unit Reunion, “I’m Not With None Of That Sh*t” [Video]

Written By S. Samuel

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Former G-Unit member Young Buck has publicly turned down recent talks of a reunion with 50 Cent‘s camp and said he still has unfinished business with his ex-associate.

Speaking to fans at a concert over the weekend, Buck aired out his issues with 50.

“I just want to get this out real quick and make sure to let all my people out there know one thing, as far as the G-Unit reunion sh*t on me, I ain’t with that sh*t,” Buck told a crowd of concert fans. “We got too much unfinished business to happen, 50. I’m not with none of that sh*t — I just want to make sure we get that clear. I’m not with it my n*gga, you took a real n*gga through too much my n*gga. If you want war, we gonna go to war [and] we gonna do this sh*t in a real street way until one of us dies my n*gga. I’ll play that game with you. It’s only right, somebody’s gotta do this in a real way…Even if I lose my life in being a real n*gga, one thing y’all motherf*ckers know is that [I] was a real n*gga…When a n*gga playing with a n*gga’s life then you treat a n*gga with no emotions. You take a n*gga’s life. So either meet me in h*ll or heaven, f*ck you, f*ck G-Unit.” (EME T.V.)

Ex-Unit member Game recently said he was open to reunion talks.

“It’s a new day and it’s really time to get money you know what I’m saying — So all I’m saying is why not get out here wing it like Voltron and sh*t,” Game said in an interview. “Bring it back full circle and make some motherf*ckin’ money…I wasn’t opposed to it…He got an ego. I got an ego. Ain’t nobody apologizing. Ain’t nobody saying that they was wrong, but you ain’t gotta do that to make amends. You just gotta get together, do the sh*t, and you can do it for the sake of money. We don’t gotta break no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in half and do the sh*t. Come to an agreement as men, get the sh*t done like men.” (Hip Hop DX)

In March, Buck promised he would never return to the Unit.

“I get my money with or without the G-Unit,” Buck said in a video. “It will never be me amongst that again. We can just negotiate about me going about my business and him getting his percentage with the albums, but as far as me — nah, I’m gonna ride my own…I just look at [my time over there] as a hard learning experience, I’m using it as a stepping stone at this point and I’m moving forward. I’m not even dedicating energy towards that sh*t. I’m so focused on Cashville Records and getting to a better place — he’s playing the game doing what he’s doing, and I’m doing what I’m doing…This is an exclusive — think about this, if 50 signed Beanie Sigel, if Beanie Sigel signed [to] 50 Cent, then what if Jay-Z signed Young Buck?” (This Is Truth TV)

G-Unit producer Sha Money XL spoke with SOHH earlier this summer about Game and Young Buck’s exits from 50’s camp.

“I tip my hat off to 50 because he helped a lot of real n*ggas get money and a lot of artists that came up, Banks is chilling, Yayo is chilling, Buck was chilling, I don’t know where he at right now but he was good. Even Game, that’s why he was called ‘Hurricane,’ because he was riding that G-Unit wave, where’s that sh*t at now? Those guys still make those records and obviously it’s not the same quality of music so had he still been on G-Unit, I think he would be on fire right now. That sound, ‘Hate It Or Love It,’ you can never make that record again. I just don’t do the turn love and then turn cold a n*gga and get crazy with him in public type of thing. That sh*t is for cowards and n*ggas that just want attention, I don’t do that.” (SOHH)

Check out Young Buck speaking on a G-Unit reunion below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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