The Outlawz‘s “Tupac Still Breathing” Europe tour has reportedly been called off due to issues between the late rapper’s group and their management.

The cancellation reportedly stems from contractual issues.

The Outlawz: Tupac Still Breathing Tour has been cancelled. Uptown Entertainment Europe became the Management of the Group in February 2009 and has per request and contract since then planned the European tour for the group and has organized sponsors, features as well as video shoots and media attention. The Group, against the contractual agreement did not adhere to their financial or contractual obligations. On legal council’s advice, no further statements will be made at this time. (Hip Hop Press)

Outlawz joined forces with Uptown Entertainment Europe earlier this year.

Tupac’s Outlawz signed an exclusive management contract for Europe with Uptown Entertainment Europe. The alliance between the Outlawz, the group of the rapper Tupac Shakur and Uptown Entertainment Europe serves to restore the visibility of these legends throughout the European territories. The group members EDI, Young Noble, Kastro and Stormey will be touring Europe this summer 2009 to spread the gospel of Thug Life and the powerful message of their good friend, with the “Tupac Still Breathing Tour”. (The Hype Wire)

Young Buck is also reportedly linked to the rap group.

Former G-Unit member Young Buck and the Lawz will also promote their new Cashville Takeover Mixtape on the “Tupac Still Breathin” Tour. As independent artists, the Outlawz are constantly on the grind, in the lab and on stages around the world. (Top 40 Charts)

The group was put together by the late Tupac Shakur.

Originally hand selected by 2Pac; EDI, Young Noble, Kastro, Hussein Fatal, Big Syke and Kadafi, The Outlawz are considered legends in the streets. While the group has experienced many ups and downs, failure for them has never been an option. The Outlawz have held it down for over a decade and have become leaders among their peers, social activists, dedicated fathers, and businessmen – yet through it all, the Lawz have remained family and kept it G for their adoring fans all over the world. (Live Guide)

No further information on the tour or Outlawz has yet been provided.