Southern rapper Young Buck looks like he’s really in love-love. The hip-hop veteran took a break from music-making today to let everyone know he’s full-fledged in relationship goals mode.

YB went to Instagram Friday with a shot of himself and longtime bae.

Earlier this week, Buck’s estranged G-Unit boss 50 Cent went to Instagram to acknowledge the group had performed less than 10 shows together without him in nearly 20 years.

On Tuesday, Fif used a pic of Young Buck and rap rookie Lil Nas X – who has come out as a gay musician – to imply the rapper is into same-sex relations.

Last month, Buck Marley made jaws drop by going in-in on the Unit leader with his “Foofy” battle record.

“I can’t believe this sh*t. How dare you n*ggas! Okay,” Buck says before unloaded his disses. “Banks gone, ain’t nobody there to settle it now. Other n*ggas need verses from whoever around. Foofy, this Instagram sh*t done got goofy. Let’s focus on that $2 million, that n*gga robbed you. Let’s talk about those b*tches you burnt. Those h*es charged you. What I learned was, how not to be a father. Apologizing to my sons and my daughters. Forgive me for the pain that I caused them.” (“Foofy”)