[With G-Unit finally back together and pounding out new music, Young Buck talks to SOHH readers about his interest in living up to fans’ requests by touring with other rap crews like Dipset and The Lox.]

I never had any open situations with anybody. A lot of the dudes that had issues or have issues, they separated themselves away. It was more of people saying, “I don’t have a problem with you.” And then with me being amongst 50 [Cent], I haven’t heard or seen anybody looking for problems with anybody.

I think at this point it’s pretty clear and understood that we all are good with where we are. But I think it’s important not just for us but for all rappers to get to this money and do the game like that.

There’s enough of this sh*t for everybody. There’s enough of this for everyone to be able to take care of their family. I feel like everyone is fighting to be number one. So you’re always going to have that competition and rivalry.

I think it’s good for the game. It’s good to have those situations. It’s almost fan competition because they like to see that. You can look at Dipset getting back together and then even the Lox, with how they move, all of the fans are talking.

People are talking saying, “What about a G-Unit versus Dipset tour,” and sh*t like that. It’s not that there’s a beef with G-Unit and Dipset, it’s a competition thing and that’s what the fans want. It’s all about the music.

I don’t want to leave that because I enjoy it. If it ain’t real I ain’t with it.