G-Unit‘s Young Buck is getting a lot off his chest right now. Notably, rumors and speculation of him allegedly getting caught in a sexual video with a transgender woman.

Buck Marley went to Instagram this week to explode on the accusations and slam social media for trying to destroy his image.

“Let me address this real fast real quick. Ain’t sh*t gay about me. I ain’t got a problem with no gay people. Whatever the f*ck you n*ggas thought you seen on a tape, n*gga that ain’t no motherf*cking tape of no motherfuckin’ punk sucking my dick.” Buck says in the IG clip. “But for you b*tch a** n*gga, or n*ggas, Cook-Up in particular, n*gga since you want to jump on the Instagram and play all these old gangsta a** roles like you that. B*tch a** n*gga why don’t you just pull up and keep that same energy n*gga. You give me the location and I’ll give you the location.”

#youngbuck addresses head from transgender

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According to reports, video went viral of someone looking like Buck caught up in a sexual moment.

So apparently there was a video that leaked online this weekend that showed a man, who people believe was Young Buck, hooking up and receiving head from a transgender woman. It’s a bit of a reach that it’s Buck as you can’t even see his face, but the internet always loves to run with fake rumors and this one took off that Buck hooked up with a trans woman. (HNHH)

Last month, Buck announced plans to release a video for his G-Unit debut album Straight Outta Cashville.

Earlier this year, Buck shared footage of himself putting in work on new music.