Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has eBay users going nuts this week with his air being sold for just over $60,000.

According to reports, a bag of his air can be found on the popular online auction site.

As ticket touts doing brisk business outside of Kanye West’s surprise show in London on Tuesday will testify, the rapper’s popularity can prove profitable. However, one eBay seller has taken this to the next level: a bag of air from an unspecified show from West’s Yeezus tour is currently selling for $60,100 (£39,725). The bag was listed with a starting price of $5.00 on Sunday, and, with three days to go, is in the middle of a bidding war between a handful of users. (Telegraph)

Check out how much Kanye’s sneakers are selling for on eBay…

Kanye’s Yeezy 750 Boost sneakers are also selling for big bucks on eBay.

In other Kanye eBay news, following the soft launch of his Yeezy 750 Boost, his first footwear collaboration with Adidas, pairs of those sneakers are now littered throughout the site with prices ranging from $1,700 to $5,000. Those asking prices come in direct conflict of what West hopes to achieve with his new sneakers, as he recently told that he hoped his Yeezy Boosts would be “super-inexpensive” so that everyone could afford them. (CNN)

A few days ago, Ye treated Paris folks to some footage of his “All Day” music video.

During the first night of his four-night Paris residency, Kanye West debuted the video for his new single “All Day,” which was directed by 12 Years A Slave‘s Steve McQueen. The full video hasn’t surfaced yet, but it features some super close-ups of Kanye rapping in what looks like an abandoned warehouse. (Stereo Gum)

A Def Jam representative called a new So Help Me God tracklisting bogus after it emerged last week.

The supposedly leaked internal memo about Kanye West’s So Help Me God that’s been making the rounds on Twitter is not real, Gabe Tesoriero—Def Jam’s executive vice president of media and creative development—told FADER in an email. (The FADER)