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“You Can’t Tell Me Hov Isn’t Like Tony Starks. He Makes Power Moves, Rich As F*ck, You Can’t Tell Him Anything”

Written By S. Samuel

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[With the highly-anticipated Avengers blockbuster set to hit theaters this Friday, SOHH’s buying into the hype by having your favorite entertainment personalities take on the superhero topic. Today, Erick Sermon, Lisa Raye, Trae Tha Truth, XV and more create their own Rap Avengers.]

Erick Sermon:

Erick Sermon (The Avengers)

Captain America – Jay-Z. When you’re thinking about Captain America, whose worldly with that type of stature, I gotta go with Jay-Z. I’d like to say Biggie Smalls, but he’s not here.

Hulk -Busta Rhymes. The energy that the Incredible Hulk has, Busta Rhymes’s got that.

Iron Man – Ghostface Killah. You have to say Ghostface is Iron Man. That’s the name he goes by.

Thor – DMX. He has that same power as Thor. He’s got that.

Lisa Raye:

Lisa Raye (The Avengers)

Captain America – Jay-Z. Jay-Z ’cause he’s that all-American guy.

Hulk -Kanye West. Kanye West ’cause he got that kinda ego. He’s a small guy but he got a big ego.

Thor – My friend, Ludacris.

Black Widow: Lil’ Kim. Lil’ Kim since Biggie’s not around anymore.


Tank (The Avengers)

Hulk – Tank. I’m Hulk, Hulk smash becuase I’m a gorilla! I’m an animal! It is what it is. Once you turn me into the Hulk, you can’t control me.

Captain America – Ginuwine. It would have to be Ginuwine. He’s always trying to love everybody and do the right thing. He’s for the people. He can get ugly, don’t get it twisted, he can get strong and ugly, but he’s for the people. He’s Captain America.

Ironman – Tyrese. It’d have to be Tyrese. He’d love to put on the suit. He’s an actor. He’d love to put on the suit and be flying around.  He’d love to use the swag, the Tony Stark’s swag. That’s his thing. He’d eat that up.

Thor- Columbus Short. I’m not even going to go with a singer. I’m going to go with an actor. I’m going to go with Columbus Short. He would be Thor because there’s a side to him you don’t really know. You would look at him and you’re like, “Oh okay, he’s about a little bit.” And then he turns it on and he’s a monster. He’s trying to tear things up and he can sing. In case anybody didn’t know.

Trae Tha Truth:

Trae Tha Truth (The Avengers)

Captain America – T.I.

Iron Man – Bun B.

Thor – 2Pac.

Black Widow – Nicki Minaj


XV (The Avengers)

Captain America – 50 Cent. We know Captain America for his shield the same way we know 50 Cent for his bulletproof vest. But Captain America is super dated and kind of stuck in a time capsule and has not been able to progress with the current superheroes. But he’s a classic so it doesn’t matter.

Hulk – Kanye West. A nerdy dude who used to just stay in the lab becomes a beast. That’s Kanye’s story, isn’t it? Also, he’s his own worst enemy, he can do anything he really wants, and he works well with others but doesn’t HAVE TO.

Iron Man – Jay-Z. You can’t tell me Hov’ isn’t like Tony Stark. He makes power moves, he’s rich as f*ck, you can’t tell him anything, people love to hate him, he embodies all of the traits that Tony Stark has.

Thor – Andre 3000. Thor is a god. That’s Andre 3000, he looks down on us as mere mortals but every now and then he’ll come down and lend a hand. And you know that he’s gonna f*ck sh*t up no matter what. Because…he’s Thor!

Hawkeye: Drake. I could just imagine Drake being thrown into the film for eye candy, and they WOULD give that n*gga some arrows. But dude is raw, and a f*ckin’ sharp shooter with it, so it doesn’t matter.

Black Widow: Nicki Minaj. We can all agree that we’d make this placement just for the skintight suit. Nothing else to be said about that one.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when your favorite entertainers name the one person they would want to avenge right here on SOHH!

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Written by S. Samuel

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