Yo! MTV Raps was watched by just about every hip-hop fan at some point and Doctor Dre was seen and heard by the masses on the regular in the hip-hop’s best era. With artists such as NWA, 2Pac and countless others the video talk show set the bar and standard for other media outlets to follow. Recently, Pittsburgh Pat booked Dre for a one of a kind “Murder Master Music Show” interview with this iconic media legend. Peep below for five big moments.

1. Standing Up In The Fight Against Diabetes

I’m a type 2 diabetic who lost my sight. What I am doing is finding a way to reverse the effect and I am working with many great holistic doctors. I am working with Dr. Ulysses S. Jackson who has a PHD in holistic medicine. We are doing natural herbs that come from Jamaica and I’m working on this deal in Africa to create a farm out there like what we are doing in Jamaica.

2. Straight Outta Compton Film Was More Like Straight Outta Fiction

When I saw this movie Straight Outta Fiction, I mean Compton. I said that didn’t happen I was there. Yeah it was a good Hollywood movie but I was waiting for Tinker Bell to come out and go to the Magic Kingdom. Ed and I were on stage in Detroit when the cops threw the fire crackers on the stage. We were filming an episode of Yo! MTV Raps there, we was there! Those are facts! Then you turn around and do a documentary with Jimmy Iovine and you got me all in your documentary, wait a minute n*gga! In the movie I didn’t exist but here I’m in your documentary and you are standing next to me. They were trying to act like “Oh he must be dead!” No I’m not dead I was raising my kids!

3. Ice Cube & Bomb Squad Meeting

When Ice Cube leaves NWA he calls me and asked me to get him to Chuck and Bomb Squad and I picked him up in my jeep to take him to them and I secured the meeting for him and them to work on Amerikkka’s Most Wanted. Where was that in the movie? Again it’s not about a personal thing but how do you put out a movie like that and the whole backboard of your essence was MTV Raps, it just was!

4. Russell Simmons Threw Public Enemy’s Demo Out The Window

One day when I was up with Rick and Russell they heard this one song called “Public Enemy #1″ and they said who did this? Russell gets up hits eject throws the tape out the window and said “No one is gonna play that crap!”

5. 2Pac Incriminated Himself On Yo! MTV Raps For Talking About Hughes Brothers Fight

Tupac was real good friends with my and Ed’s guy Stretch! We had a cool relationship with Pac! The one thing I would tell Tupac was “Stop crying fire in a crowded fire it’s not good, you are calling people to shoot you and karma comes full circle!” When he came on the show after what happened with him and the Hughes Brothers, and he was sitting there going off, we had to put the hand over his mouth because he needed to realize that it would be used against him in court and it was!

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