Memphis rapper Yo Gotti‘s new I Am solo album is destined to enjoy some music chart spotlight with first week projections up to 45,000 copies.

Based on one-day estimates, Gotti’s long-awaited new release should have no problem finding a spot in the Top 20.

YOUR NEW RELEASES: Looks like Eminem will return to #1 next week; as you’ve probably guessed, the Aftermath/Interscope superstar has already crossed the 1 million sales threshold. But let’s talk about this week’s key debuts. Five Finger Death Punch (Prospect Park) 75-80k Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Republic) 60-65k Daughtry (19/RCA) 55-60k Yo Gotti (RCA) 40-45k Nickelback (Roadrunner) 12-15k (HITS Daily Double)

Recently, Gotti spoke to SOHH’s lifestyle affiliate Get Frush about the top five reasons his LP is a must-have.

“It’s my best work yet. I think I learn through every album cycle. At this point I feel like I know how to pick music and production better. I know how to deliver better, from different standpoints. If it’s a painful record, I know how to come across so you actually feel the pain I’m trying to deliver on it. If you listen to the “Cold Blood” record with me and Cole, you can hear how I put the record together from drops in it, to the music breakdown and to the bridge. I just feel like I understand music better.” (Get Frush)

The Memphis native also noted how proud he was of the project’s overall sound.

“The album has some great production on it. I worked with a lot of upcoming producers. I worked with Canei Finch, Anthony “Lee On The Beats” Norris, P-Lo on ‘Act Right’, Honorable C.N.O.T.E who’s done a record called ‘Die A Real N*gga’. I worked with Metro Boomin on the album. Also Arthur McArthur did the ‘King Sh*t’ record. All of these producers are very hungry. This makes the intensity when putting the music together. I think the album comes from the bottom trying to make it to the top with the hunger.” (Get Frush)

Outside of the album, Gotti recently hit up SOHH and talked about the advantages of social media.

“Social media is important to me because all the vlogs and going viral go hand in hand. It’s a way to bring the fans in personally to see what you are doing, the things you are into, the things you are not into,” Gotti told SOHH. “They’ll see again that I’m just like them and I go through different things every day. Coming from the culture I come from, I feel I was kinda late getting on social media, understanding what it is and how to use it, what it’s used for and how to bring people in. I feel I pretty much get it and understand it now and I’m doing a good job of keeping the people and the fans updated.” (SOHH)

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