West Coast rapper YG has people praying for him right now. New details have surfaced surrounding his publicized home raid and arrest.

Big Facts: On Friday, YG’s attorney came forward to dish out details surrounding his bust.

11:06 AM PT — YG has recruited powerhouse attorney Joe Tacopina, who tells us, “This arrest is one that caught YG completely off guard because there is no truth to them. YG has no idea what investigators are talking about and we have not been provided with any details … we are learning about this case through the media.” Tacopina continues, “Rest assured, my client will be cleared of all charges, if they even survive past the arraignment.” Tacopina also raises questions about the motive and timing of the arrest, saying, “YG has a performance scheduled at The Grammy’s Sunday where he will honor Nipsey Hussle … so the timing is suspect, to put it mildly.” (TMZ)

High-Key Details: The West Coast rapper reportedly has a bail set at $250,00.

11:14 AM PT — Tacopina tells TMZ YG has been arrested on suspicion of robbery based on an ongoing investigation. He says, “This has become even more outrageous … normally, in the American justice system, you get arrested after an investigation is completed. The motives here are pretty clear.” (TMZ)

Wait, There’s More: According to reports, the arrest went down Friday morning at his crib.

The rapper YG was arrested Friday morning at a home in Chatsworth by sheriff’s deputies who served a search warrant in connection with a robbery investigation, authorities said. The 29-year-old hip-hop artist, whose real name is Keenon Jackson, was taken into custody in the 22000 block of Zaltana Avenue and transported to the Men’s Central Jail, where he was booked for robbery, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. (ABC 7 News)

Before You Go: This week, YG showed some major love to late rap star friend Nipsey Hussle by promoting his PUMA brand.