YG Gets Tons Of People Screaming “F**k The Police” At Huge LA Protest: “We Showed Up + Did It Right”

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper YG has officially come through with a crowd-pleasing banger. The hip-hop veteran has shared footage of himself at a peaceful Los Angeles protest with tons of fans screaming the words to his new "F**k The Police" song.

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Last night, YG hit up Instagram with the must-see footage where he joins LA protestors. The clip features a ton of people surrounding the California native and turning up to the protest anthem.

“#F*CKTHEPOLICE” -YG’s Instagram

High-Key Details

On Monday, YG released a heartfelt open message to anyone with an issue about his movement. The rap entertainer also explained how injustice and racism has ultimately impacted all black people.

“See you gotta understand that a lot of people out there they see me as a N*gga. They don’t see the black proud man. They see a kid from Bompton and they expect violence. They hear FTP and they think I’m gonna come and burn my city. So we showed up and did it right. We proved them wrong. The real story here is me and Black Lives Matter brought out 50,000 people today to peacefully protest and unite for change. I wanted to document that so when they hear this song and think we are reckless and violent they see a peaceful protest of all different people coming together for a common cause. That is history. That is breaking down these stereotypes on our people and our neighborhoods. ” -YG’s Instagram


Wait, There’s More

Over the past few days, YG’s protégé Day Sulan has flexed her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. She has shared big moments joined by protesters in California fighting for equality and an end to police brutality.

“Welcome To The REVOLUTION ♥️✊🏼✊🏾✊🏻✊🏿✊🏽 #BlackLivesMatter Movement Before The Police Brought The Violence We Had A PeaceFul Ass Protest ♥️🖕🏽🐖” -Day Sulan’s Instagram

Before You Go

Last Tuesday, YG jumped on social media to update fans on why he had to nix initial protest plans. YG did deliver positive news by announcing his new anti-police brutality song is now out.

“Aye, so I got bad news. I was told today that my protest is not safe and that people could get hurt or shot. And I’m not trying to get none of my people hurt or shot so I’m a cancel today. It’s f*cked up but I’m going to come back bigger and better. I’m gonna partner with Black Lives Matter and do this sh*t the right way, for the people, for the city and for all the artists that want to pop out and participate. With that being said, ‘F*ck The Police’ is out right now. It’s in my bio. I couldn’t wait for the label. Yeah! I’ll see y’all outside!” -YG’s Instagram

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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