West Coast rapper YG recently explained the motivation behind deleting all of his pictures from social media platform Instagram.

According to YG, he decided to have a fresh start with pictures beginning with a post-shooting hospitalization.

“I was like, ‘F*ck everything.’ I’m taking off all my pictures from Instagram. F*ck that sh*t. I’m [going to] come back when I come back. I just had to chill out, sit think, get my mind right. When you, when somebody get shot, it’s either you gonna about it or you gonna, you feel me?” (106 KMEL)

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YG revealed one of the bullets which struck him on Instagram earlier this month.

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Recently, YG revealed he spent minimal time receiving medical attention after the shooting went down.

“I’m good. I left the hospital that night, and the next day I went back to the studio. Nobody wanted me to go. My mama tells me, “What are you talking about ‘going to the studio?’” But you know, I got shit to do — this sh*t don’t stop for nobody. I came straight to the studio on my little crutches – I’m hard to kill.” (Billboard)

YG also revealed Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie reached out to him immediately after the incident happened.

“Everybody — family, friends, the label. Lil’ Boosie Facetimed me. I was in the hospital, in a wheelchair, and I lost all my contacts but I see the 504, so I knew it wasn’t anybody in L.A., so I ask who it is and he says, “It’s Boosie. What’s up man, you straight?” He was real concerned, he was like, “My n—a, you good?” and I’m like “Yeah,” and he was like “All right, my n—a.” I know who cares about me and who’s faking. I don’t have to get shot to figure that out.” (Billboard)