Shady Records rapper Yelawolf’s new Love Story has landed on the sales chart this week after selling nearly 60,000 copies in seven days.

According to reports, the LP debuted at No. 3 with 58,000 copies.

The second and final debut in the top 10 comes from rapper Yelawolf, who sees his new album Love Story bow at No. 3 with 58,000 units. It’s the best showing yet for the artist, who previously topped out at No. 27 with his last album, 2011’s Radioactive. Love Story also logs his largest sales week ever, as the set opens with 51,000 copies sold (surpassing his previous high, when Radioactive launched with 41,000). (Billboard)

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Based on one-day estimates, Yelawolf’s new Love Story was expected to sell up to 50,000 copies.

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A few days ago, Yela treated fans to his Eminem-featured “Best Friend” song.

Rapper KB talked to SOHH affiliate site getFRUSH last week about his new Tomorrow We Live album.

“The first reason you should buy “Tomorrow We Live” is because I’ve learned not to do things better but to do them different. For reason number one, you should buy this because it sounds different than anything that’s out. In terms of content and sound, I went very hard. I wanted it to be so organic and raw that I went to the Motherland and spent some time over there soaking in the creativity of the ethnic environment. I think you’re going to hear that in the album. I termed the sound, “World Trap.”” (getFRUSH)