[With his new Love Story album finally available for purchase, Shady Records’ Yelawolf talks to SOHH about hooking up with Eminem for their “Best Friend” single.]

The melody is always the driving force behind the song. I’ve never really made a song the same way twice, but when I heard the melody, the melody of the hook instantly followed.

I knew what it was going to sound like even before I recorded it. As far as the subject of it, when words start falling into place with the hook, I knew that it was emotional and it was putting me in front of a church as an outsider.

That’s how I felt. It made me feel like the young boy that I was in Alabama that never really fitted into the at bible belt idea. But I believe in something, but I wasn’t welcome. So that’s where it took me.

A great melody, and words just fall into place. You’re not really suppose to know my connection, my connection’s my own and that is somewhat what I’m saying. I have to leave some to it, create your own message out of the song. It’s kind of like the searching of finding yourself, the searching, figuring it out, being an outcast, there’s a lot. It can apply to anyone. A preacher might hear it and say hell yeah what’s up.

I knew that if [Eminem] took on the record, when he said ‘I’m going to do this’, I knew that it would fit.

Marshall doesn’t miss. He just don’t, he gets it. He’s one of those dudes that if you hand him a song, and he agrees, he’s already committed to the idea.

It’s not like he’s going in there trying to figure it out. He’s just applying his own situation to it, like we all do. It’s like taking the song and making your own story.

My buddy Spidey, he took on the job of doing the video and directing it.

It’s a very brand new way that I’ve shot a video. It’s super cinematic and the director’s a friend of mine, and he shot all the photos for the inserts in the album. He shot the cover. He invented his part into this video.

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