Shady Records’ Yelawolf is going to keep fans waiting for his sophomore album release through Eminem’s music empire by spending 2012 touring the country.

According to Yela, his focus is to perform records throughout 2012.

“Nah, I’m not. Trunk Muzik is a two week old baby, so I’m nursing that baby. That’s all I really care about right now, Radioactive … and I’m gonna hop back on the road from January to January, so my next year is booked already to do shows,” Yela said when asked if he has plans for new projects. “I’m just ready to get these records out, hit up radio, hit the countryside, go to Australia, Canada. I’m not really focused on making music. I’m just focused on touring with this album. That’s what got us where we’re at – touring Trunk Muzik for the past year and a half. When we locked out to Radioactive, we put our focus on that. So it’ll be the same cycle, tour Radioactive for awhile, and when it’s time to record another album, we’ll be on to that” (Global Grind)

The rapper’s long-awaited Radioactive Shady Records debut hit the sales chart last month.

Shady Records’ rapper Yelawolf’s Radioactive also debuted on the chart this week landing at No. 27. With seven days in the books, his new LP has pushed out 40,900 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Earlier this year, Yela talked to SOHH about putting his entire focus on succeeding in the music industry.

“I don’t have a backup plan, dog,” Yela told SOHH when asked what other careers he previously contemplated before his career took off. “F*ck a backup plan. There is no Plan B. Plan A works. That’s all there is to that. My 0-60 EP release is the beginning to a long, successful and healthy career. And that’s all there is to it. I didn’t come this far to f*cking lay bricks, man. I had dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder. I’ve always been a skateboarder and I’ll be a skateboarder, but music took the forefront. I’m an extremist. When I want to do something, I just don’t stop. That’s why I’m here. that’s why Trunk Muzik is what it is and that’s why we have a situation over at Interscope. It’s my perseverance, relentless and being a f*cking rebel. That’s what I’m here for.” (SOHH)

Recently, he opened up about getting placed in a “white rapper” stereotypical box.

“I don’t hate the term ‘white rapper,'” Yelawolf says while being interviewed on camera by yet another hip-hop blogger — one of hundreds who have been tracking his rise during the past four years from Southern rap anomaly to Shady Records signee, a swarm that only intensified in the run-up to the Nov. 21 release of his Ghet-O-Vision/Shady/Interscope debut, “Radioactive.” “It’s fully relevant and will always be… It’s important to hold to the culture as it is, no matter how abrasive that [term] might sound or it might be. Race is still real and you got to recognize it.” (Billboard)

Check out some recent Yelawolf footage below: