Shady Records’ Yelawolf and Post Malone are going in-in on one another. The white rap artists have taken their frustrations toward each other to social media.

Yelawolf went to Instagram Wednesday to respond to Post calling him a nerd following a diss record release.


Last night, Post hit up Twitter to go in-in on Yela for going at him.

On his new “Bloody Sunday” freestyle, Yela takes direct aim at Post.

“F*ck it, f*ck Post Malone, just because/Let’s see if he answers back/All that change, tits, and funk, chill Bill/And the cowboy boots and hats/Damn, Postie, why can’t we be friends?/Our clothes already match/Poseur, biter, appropriation thief/Give a fuck how many records you sold/Every fan you made is a leaf off of my tree/Boy, you’re my seed, another mullet in the gang” (“Bloody Sunday” Freestyle)

Wolf also made sure to include Oakland rapper G-Eazy into the disses.

“I can’t let this Tom Cruise lookin’ motherfucker just paddle by/Don’t know if I’m watching Vanilla Ice or Vanilla Sky/Marshall Mathers may have ignored you/But if you want the smoke, bring the foil/I’ll boil you till the kettle’s dry” (“Bloody Sunday” Freestyle)