Shady Records rapper Yelawolf and KB’s new solo projects should have no problem landing on the sales chart next week with strong opening numbers.

Based on one-day estimates, Yelawolf’s new Love Story could sell up to 50,000 copies.

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Listen to Yelawolf and Eminem‘s “Best Friend” song on the next page…

A few days ago, Yela treated fans to his Eminem-featured “Best Friend” song.

KB talked to SOHH affiliate site getFRUSH this week about his new Tomorrow We Live album.

“The first reason you should buy “Tomorrow We Live” is because I’ve learned not to do things better but to do them different. For reason number one, you should buy this because it sounds different than anything that’s out. In terms of content and sound, I went very hard. I wanted it to be so organic and raw that I went to the Motherland and spent some time over there soaking in the creativity of the ethnic environment. I think you’re going to hear that in the album. I termed the sound, “World Trap.”” (getFRUSH)

The Reach Records artist also dished on how much the LP would connect with listeners.

“I know that I’m rapping to people who have problems. In addition to all that is going on in the world, I want to bring the light to the darkness. I think in my music, in ways, gives an escape to the discouragement of everyday life.” (getFRUSH)