Rap rookies YBN Almighty Jay and Lil Xan aren’t letting a little negative XXL smoke stop them from wanting to make the annual Freshman list. The hip-hop newcomers have both relied on social media to encourage fans to vote them into a 10th spot on the prestigious chart.

On Monday, YBN and Xan took to their Instagram Story pages to encourage supporters to pull for them.

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In the past, social media has fired shots at XXL over the criteria used for picking its Freshmen.

Every single year there seems to be a handful of people upset with those chosen. XXL isn’t perfect; nobody is. On the contrary, you would expect such a highly regarded publication to be pretty accurate. Despite having past picks such as Kendrick Lamar,, that hasn’t always been the case. In 2016, comedy-rap artist Lil Dicky was chosen to the dismay of many people, considering much of his work is satire. The prior year many were mad that Kidd Kidd, who has been rapping since 2004, was chosen due to the longevity of his career. There are always valid claims that artists on a XXL Freshmen List didn’t belong there (think Trinidad James and Diggy Simmons) but one year, we’ll all be able to confidently say XXL got it right. (SOHH)

A few days ago, Migos’ Quavo publicly fired off some shots toward XXL over its annual Freshman list.

Last week, Hot 97 radio veteran Funk Flex sided with rap newcomer Nav and called out XXL’s list.

“XXL, don’t get tight, don’t get tight with me. Don’t get tight. Easy, easy. You know that list is trash. Hahahaha!”