Vixen Blac Chyna has been famous for a long time now. She’s seen her fair share of ups and downs and found herself in a lot of drama. She’s dated Rob Kardashian, worked as a stripper, modeled, found herself playing as a stunt double for Nicki Minaj, dated Tyga, and most recently was spotted holding hands with YBN Almighty Jay, an 18-year old rapper with Texas origins. He’s not a household name yet and is still pretty new to the spotlight, so here are five things you (probably) didn’t know about Blac Chyna’s new bae.

1. He’s a Young Boss.

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His stage name, YBN Almighty Jay, actually has a meaning. YBN stands for “Young Boss N-as”, something adapted by both himself and YBN Nahmir. Jay and Nahmir formed the rap collective together, and have performed with each other dozens of times. Jay was featured on Nahmir’s track “No Hook” (it was revealed that they were getting 715,000 daily plays on it), and the future might see a collaboration album between the pair and/or many more tracks together.

2. YBN Almighty Jay hasn’t released an album yet.

Jay, who is barely an adult, has also barely released any music. You probably haven’t heard much by him, considering only two of his tracks have really gone viral. “Chopsticks” has around 7 million plays on SoundCloud, where all of his tracks are posted, and “Takin Off” (released in late January of 2018) has about 2 million currently. He has yet to release an official album, but it is hopeful that one will be dropped within the next year.

3. Rich The Kid signed him to his label.

YBN Almighty Jay was openly welcomed by Rich The Kid, who signed him to his label Rich Forever Music this past January. This came as a surprise for many people, considering ex-label rapper Famous Dex still has beef with Jay’s friend YBN Nahmir. Famous Dex is one of Rich’s best friends and was with the label for almost two years, where he saw great success. His beef began when Nahmir hosted a live video on Instagram that revealed a past message from Dex about a song feature. Despite the beef still circulating, Jay has fit right in with the label and has a bright future with them.

4. He’s living a life of luxury already.


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As an 18-year old, Jay is already living the very luxurious life of a hip-hop artist. Apparently, the young rapper has so far earned $100,000 from his two hit songs. He is close with a great amount of celebrities and has been spotted hanging out with Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Kodak Black, Snoop Dogg among others. Jay also wheels around in a BMW, according to his Instagram.

5. Blac Chyna actually is dating him.

The fact that the pair is now officially dating is a shock for some people, considering Chyna is over 10 years older than him (she’s 29 and also a mother of two). Nobody is quite sure how the pair began to date or even met, but they were first spotted at a Los Angeles bowling alley in the beginning of March. Jay hasn’t said anything about it, but Chyna said “Yeah. We’re, like, dating” when asked about their relationship. She recently spoke about her aspirations of becoming a rapper, and the pair could become the next iconic hip-hop couple. If Chyna does follow through with her plans, then they will almost certainly be releasing some work together.

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