[With the new YAY Apparel line now available, late hip-hop artist Chinx’s manager Biggs, who oversees the brand, talks to SOHH about the importance of making it a standout in fashion stores.]

It’s a labor of love for us. It’s one of those things, for me personally, that never a day goes by that I’m not heavily involved with things I was heavily involved with before he passed. It’s the same movements, it’s the same discussions, it’s the same relationships.

It’s that same passion that continues to drive us all to make sure he gets his shine in every way possible.

YAY is just another extension of that. It’s another extension of the man, it’s an extension of brand power and his excitement as an artist to bring something new and fresh to the forefront. It’s a testament to show what can be done if you stay determined.

Chinx is now becoming an inspiration. He’s like a martyr. He had to fall on his short to be able to allow so many other people to cross the bridge. I think you’re going to hear and see so many people in terms of inspiring successful stories that will revert back to the groundwork and examples that have been laid out through this project and with his legacy.

Somebody like Stack Bundles who was so talented that didn’t get the shot, he didn’t get the opportunity. Not only was he taken away from us but we didn’t get to see and hear the talent that was behind that man and the influences.

I thank God we’re able to show the world that.