West Coast rapper Xzibit is heating up the Internet, revealing a messy situation he found himself in this week on a USAir flight that almost had him in handcuffs.

The rap veteran dished out the wild details onto his Twitter account early Friday (March 22).

“Ha_ flight attendant on US air tried to get me arrested. I told her to f*ck herself. Cops showed up and took a pics with me. She was pissed.”

“I hate when people with no power threaten you with “calling the police” That strikes no fear in my heart. Alternative,dont be a raging b*tch”

“Man. I can’t wait to get home. And do me a favor, dont EVER book me on US AIR again. They treat people like dogs and prisoners. #lame.”

“”@justgrimm: @xzibit yeah, but what did you do?” I was trying to use the bathroom.” (Xzibit’s Twitter)

Reports claim the airline has refused to address what allegedly went down.

Xzibit won’t be pimping a damn thing for USAir anytime soon … ’cause the rapper claims the airline called cops on him, and he’s going HAM about the incident. Xzibit claims he was trying to use the bathroom — presumably when the seat belt light was on — and the flight attendant threatened to call police. USAir is refusing to comment about the incident. (TMZ)

Last month, rap star Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were busted for violating airport regulations.

Authorities say Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had to be privately screened after an airline employee allowed them to bypass a security checkpoint at New York’s Kennedy International Airport. Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein says the celebrity couple had arrived at the airport on an international flight on Tuesday. She says after clearing customs and baggage, they were escorted by an airline employee “through a non-public area in order to provide expedited access to their domestic flight.” Farbstein says this violated security protocols by bypassing the TSA checkpoint. She says that prompted TSA officials to conduct the private screening. (Washington Post)

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz made headlines last year when he was arrested at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

“They tried to assassinate my character, they tried to assassinate my swag,” 2 Chainz told MTV News in an exclusive telephone interview. “It was just a negative dilemma earlier where someone misconstrued a piece of jewelry for a weapon and stuff. … I do exclusive pieces. My pieces are actual conversation pieces, like, literally. When you see my gold, when you see my stuff, it’s something to conversate about. People weren’t doing four-finger rings and all that. I just like to set myself apart, so I definitely wasn’t trying to beat nobody up on the airplane or nothing.” (MTV)