Florida rapper XXXTentacion just can’t catch a break. The hip-hop newcomer has reportedly received more charges related to a felony witness tampering case.

According to reports, XXX now has a total of 15 charges to his felony situation.

According to prosecuting documents … prosecutors believe the alleged witness tampering went down in October 2016 … when XXX was initially arrested for domestic violence. He’s accused of beating his then-pregnant ex-girlfriend. Law enforcement sources tell us XXX made multiple phone calls while behind bars, which were recorded … as all prisoner calls are. We’re told evidence from those phone calls led to the new charges. (TMZ)

During last Friday’s court appearance, a judge decided to put X in jail for violating his bail bond.

During Friday’s hearing in Miami-Dade County, Judge Teresa Mary Pooler determined that Onfroy had violated his bond from his initial arrest. As such, the musician was taken directly to jail where he’s likely to remain until his next trial date. (New York Daily News)

The hip-hop artist reportedly faces stacks of years in jail if he’s convicted.

At today’s hearing, the judge ruled the rapper had violated his bond from his initial arrest. With the added charges — witness tampering is a first-degree felony in the state of Florida — the 19-year-old rapper could potentially face decades in prison. (SPIN)